A panic station



A few days ago I saw a post on 9gag (wich im crazy about, it is really where the fun begins.) and those rings were there. It’s me and my boyfriend.

Yesterday  I told him in a sarcastic way: “I’m such a bad girlfriend” and he replied, “I’m the bad boyfriend”.. so I just told him: Yep, but we already know that..so. I mean, we are like the perfect couple (overly attached gf! ) he is perfect, we can spend hours and hours playing. He can accept that im a girl who plays. He can accept that im a little borderline haha!, he can make laugh so loud. It’s amazing. When I met him, (actually I met his back) he was sitting in front of me in class. And he just turned, from that moment we became friends, and lately bf and gf!..

So, here we are, 2 years and four months.

Cheers to the happy/crazy/ geek and weirdest couple!

I love you babyluv. (Stephen King made me fall in love with the  “babyluv” thing)

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Un pensamiento en “Madness

  1. Agustin Comes en dijo:

    Love you too.


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